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Loot Crate Innovates With NetSuite ERP

Fan box firm Loot Crate has found success with its ERP implementation, with the collectables subscription startup opting to go with NetSuite for its enterprise resource planning software solution.

It managed to build, what has now become a critical assortment planning application, with help from the cloud software company.

As revealed, this was one of the rare occasions where an ERP upgrade actually sparked innovation, as the assortment planner helps Loot Crate identify the best products to include in each crate. While at the same time, gain real-time analytics into business operations.

So much so that the app has now become a core application for the company, which is now the leading player in this booming market.

A market where customers, known as Looters, subscribe to a crate that is based on their fandom, but one that they have no idea of what items will be included, until the crate arrives.

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Erich Gazaui, CIO at Loot Crate:

“Our success has been built on a unique business model that pairs fandom with the customer experience. Our customers, called Looters, can subscribe to a crate that specifically speaks to their fandom, but they won’t know what items are going to be included until the crate arrives. This creates anticipation, surprise and excitement and has enabled us to create a tight knit community that is rapidly growing. With our high volume of transactions and revenue model, getting the right systems in place was critical to our continued growth.”

Loot Crate had delivered more than 14 million creates to subscribers in 35 territories since inception in the 2012, but it needed to get serious about its operational software to support continued growth.

Software, including financial, inventory and warehouse management.

In other words, a formal enterprise resource planning system, which it found in the form of NetSuite that now helps Loot Crate manage over 5,000 products based on themes from more than 250 licensors, including film studios, game companies, comic publishers, professional sports leagues and personalities.

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And check out Oracle NetSuite on its official website by pointing your web browser to this link.



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