Video SAP vs Oracle vs Microsoft

ERP Video: SAP vs Oracle vs Microsoft

Now here’s a good one! SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are considered the leaders in the ERP space, and for good reason too, but it’s not often that you get a breakdown of their standing.

In other words, how the three companies compare with one another, and their competitors in the enterprise resource planning space.

This highly informative video, SAP vs Oracle vs Microsoft, is well worth a watch.

It’s not exactly the most up to date one on the topic, but it is chockfull of information about these three ERP giants, their operations and attributes.

Yes, another presentation of sorts, but still worth every second.

The presenter starts things by ERP tiers, and how SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are top of the pyramid and have the largest market share. He also goes over the different enterprise resource planning applications that these three companies offer.

Next up is ERP market share, and while the figures are sure to have changed by now, the discussion is what matters.

There are also insights on which company gets shortlisted the most, average project durations, both planned and actual, delays and more — including detailed breakdowns of the ERP platforms.

Overall, a very good presentation, making for a great video.

You’ll not learn more in eight minutes.



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