Analyzing Integration Strategies For A Postmodern ERP World

Postmodern ERP. Organizations nowadays must be prepared with an enterprise resource planning integration strategy for a new hybrid reality. One that goes by the name of postmodern ERP.

Gartner defines postmodern ERP as a fundamental shift away from a single vendor megasuite toward a more loosely coupled and federated ERP environment. In other words, while huge ERP systems that can do virtually anything still lead, many companies are finding them to be too complex.

Or, in some cases, requiring too much customization to meet their specific needs.

As this article discusses, there is a need of specialized packages that offer the necessary solutions for their industry or region.

Companies that acquire others often find that each business has its own ERP system, which is not always the best fit for the subsidiary. And while some firms migrate all business units to a single ERP platform, others find that having them coexist is much more ideal.

Postmodern ERP provides the needed flexibility and functionality that can increase the chances for success, and this makes them a key consideration for companies of certain size and scale.

Therefore, an integration strategy for cases like this will enable businesses to look at the big picture and decide on the specific data and processes that they need to integrate across ERP system.

And even with other systems, like CRM.

This is where middleware come into the picture, serving as a bridge.

But there are certain capabilities that a middleware platform has to have built in, in order to make postmodern ERP solutions efficient and effective.

These range from obvious ones like reliability and scalability to support for any combination of on premise and cloud integration scenarios. Also important is the ability to mobilize data across multiple devices and operating systems, as well as secured access to backend systems.

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